US File No.— NITW.E182896 Canadian File No.— NITW7.E182896

The UL Listing Mark on an industrial control panel provides evidence of third party certification to the municipal inspection authority and to the purchaser of the panel. It shows that the panel complies with an acceptable safety standard. The Listing Mark may be applied to a wide variety of designs — ranging from custom built to standardized designs with only minor variations.


  • INCREASE YOUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE — Offer your customers UL Listed general purpose, metalworking machine tool, plastic injection, service entrance equipment, elevator control, and/or flame control panels and bid on jobs that specify UL Listed ICPs.
  • COVER ALL REQUIREMENTS — Using UL Listed or Recognized components in an ICP does not guarantee or imply that the entire assembly meets all applicable safety requirements.UL’s ICP builders program covers proper component usage, enclosure environmental ratings, conformance to the National Electric Code (NEC), Canadian Electrical Code (CEC), wiring and motor protection, and safety markings.
  • GREATER EFFICIENCY — Eliminate red-tagged panels at the job site, along with the resulting delays and extra cost.
  • WIDESPREAD ACCEPTANCE — Benefit from the widespread acceptance of the UL Mark by regulatory authorities in every jurisdiction in the United States and Canada. UL is represented on each of the NEC’s 20 code-making panels and shares its expertise with code-developers working on the CEC. With your success at stake, leave nothing to chance.
  • INCREASED COMPONENT SOURCING — In November 2003, UL and CSA International announced a formal component acceptance agreement that permits acceptance of specific components for use in end-products, including industrial control panels. This agreement gives UL customers even more flexibility when sourcing components because CSA Certified Components covered by the agreement can now be used in UL Listed panels in addition to UL Listed and UL Recognized Components already permitted under the scope of the ICP program.
  • TEAM WITH UL’S EXPERTS — Build compliance into your panels.
  • CONSOLIDATE YOUR SAFETY CERTIFICATION NEEDS — Start saving time and money with UL.