US File No.— NNNY.E357466 Canadian File No.— NNNY7.E357466

The hazardous locations panel shop program is similar to the UL 508A panel shop program. It allows manufacturers
who custom-build and/or mass-produce hazardous locations ICP’s to apply the UL Listed Mark at their factories.
The program makes it convenient to receive a UL Listing, while allowing the manufacturer to maintain flexibility in panel design.


United States and Canadian coverage for:

  • Class I, Division 1 (Explosion-Proof)
  • Class I, Division 1 (Purged/Pressurized Type X)
  • Class I, Division 2 (Purged/Pressurized Type Z)
  • Class I, Division 2 (Nonincendive)

The hazardous locations panel shop requirements are detailed in the UL Report issued at the completion of the project. The basic requirements include that the control panel shall comply with UL 508A and all components relied upon for hazardous locations protection are UL Listed, Recognized, or Classified for the applicable hazardous location.


  • INCREASE YOUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE — Offer your customers UL Listed panels for use in or relating to hazardous locations. Bid on jobs that specify UL Listed hazardous locations ICPs.
  • COVER ALL REQUIREMENTS — Using UL Listed or Recognized components in a HazLoc ICP does not guarantee or imply that the entire assembly meets all applicable safety requirements. UL’s Hazardous Locations ICP program covers proper component usage, enclosure environmental ratings, conformance to the National Electric Code (NEC), wiring and motor protection, and safety markings.
  • AVOID RED-TAGGED PANELS — This will decrease delays and extra costs.
  • BE COMPATIBLE — UL is represented on each of the NEC’s 20 code-making panels.
  • BENEFIT FROM WIDESPREAD ACCEPTANCE — The UL Mark is accepted by regulatory authorities in every jurisdiction in the United States and Canada.