Creating Solutions is a holistic approach to solving problems

There are times that problem solving is too narrow of an approach. Yes, Hegwood Automation & Controls does solve problems as we’ve proven over the last 50+ years. However, over that time frame, we have also learned that sometimes those “problems” need a more holistic approach that brings about better Solutions. A partnered approach.

One example of Creating a Solution is Distributed Networked I/O projects. For a customer, we could have offered our customer the standard PLC cabinet with a multitude of wires for the install crew to pull. That would have solved their control problem. But, working with them and reviewing the whole of the project, (location, conditions, labor, time, etc.) we Created the Solution by implementing a Distributed I/O system.

Another example of Creating a Solution for a customers problems, is our UL listing. A customer of ours wanted to export their products to Canada complete with industrial control panels. The problem could have been solved by working with a Canadian control panel company a 1,000 miles away. Actually, they did try this to solve their problem and this had some rather expensive consequences. The Solution we were able to offer is using our UL 508A listing with the Canadian approval mark. Now, when they ship their equipment to Canada, there is no longer issues with Canadian authorities, nor quality or service.

If you’re looking for a company that has a Passion for Creating Solutions to your problems, the staff at Hegwood Automation & Controls can assist you.